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Upcoming Events 2019



25th May

MDTS Colour belt tournament, Kiltiernan, Dublin.

31st May - 2nd June

IIC, Cardiff.

2nd June

Open Ghent Cup, Belgium.

8th June, Maldron Hotel, Tallaght.

INTA Black Belt Grading, Dublin.

15th June, Elite TKD, Balbriggan.

Seminar with Master Annick

28th - 30th June

1st ITF International Coaches Conference, Limerick.

14th & 15th September

INTA Umpire Course, Venue TBC.

22nd September

Crystal Classic Championships, Waterford.

6th October

GMS International Championships, Glasgow, Scotland.

10th - 13th October

ITF European Championships, TBC.

19th October

INTA National Championships, Gormonston, Meath.

9th & 10th November

INTA ITC, Fermoy, Cork.

30th November

RITA Irish Open, Dublin.


INTA Black Belt Grading, Dublin.

8th December

INTA AGM, Dublin.